going for a walk

At the end of January, I began a program of biking on my stationary cycle and nine months later I can report that I have biked for 30 minutes every two or three days.  This has helped my health in so many ways.  For example, my blood pressure, blood glucose and cholesterol readings are all close to normal and vastly improved over what they were a year ago.

However, I recently had the experience of navigating the Toronto International Airport.  After two hours of trying to get to the next gate in time, I was a red-faced ball of sweat.  In spite of all my cycling, my exercise had not prepared me for strenuous walking carrying luggage over a long distance.  I think this is because my stationary cycling has not been weight-bearing exercise.

Osteoarthritis in my knees prevents me from doing as much walking as I used to do.  Most days, I walk to do errands or to work around the house, but I have not been walking for exercise for a long time.  In spite of my knee pain, I know that it is good to keep moving.  Walking within my abilities would be good for me.

Ten minutes of walking is about all I can do at the present time, but I think a regular walk outside would make some improvement in my stamina and cardiac health.  Weight-bearing exercise is also good for preventing bone loss as I get older.

Goal #4:   My third medium term, four-week goal is to begin to go for a short 10 minute walk outside every day (November 23 to December 23, 2013)

Tonight, I went walking after supper.  It was dark, cold and windy, but I bundled up in layers and out I went.  The wind was wild in the trees and there was a dusting of new snow on the ground.  It was good to see our neighborhood lights and know that everyone is settling in for the night.  We live in a rural area and some of those lights are at a distance, through the trees. A few cars went by on the road, but no birds or animals were about, so I felt alone on my walking quest for wellness!!!


Usually I try to bring back something interesting from my walks.  I put a big bowl by the entryway and I intend to fill this with the things I find.   This will be a visible reminder of the walks I have taken.

From my walk yesterday, I brought in a bit of Old Man’s Beard, a lichen that grows in dead trees in our area.

Old Man's Beard on a twig
Old Man’s Beard on a twig (the paperclip is for scale)

Do you walk outside every day and where do you walk?

Best always, Alexandra



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