increasing fruit and vegetables in my diet – results

After five days of tracking my intake of fruits and vegetables, I have discovered getting enough servings in these two food groups can be hard!

I did a few things to increase the availability of fruit and vegetables in our home.  First, I went grocery shopping for vegetables since we never seem to have enough choices.  I bought carrots, kale, snow peas and broccoli.  Then, I filled a fruit bowl in the living room so I would see apples and bananas when I felt the urge to eat.


Most days, I ate enough fruit and vegetables but it was a challenge.

Foods from these groups make great snack foods!

It is a novelty for me to have to eat something.  Usually I am trying to avoid eating.

Last night, we tried kale chips for the first time. My husband was not a fan, but I thought they were crispy and flavorful!

Best always, Alexandra



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