When I am on a wellness program with specific goals, it is easy for me to ‘forget’ those goals and ‘forget’ to pay attention to my behavior.  Sometimes it is an excuse for why I am not following my program.  Sometimes I get busy and I do forget.

It helps me to keep reminders in plain view.  Some people need to file things away, some people need to have things out where they can see them.  If I file things away, they do not exist for me.  ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

So far, I have kept four reminders of my program in plain sight:

1. my spiral notebook – a workbook where I record progress on my current short-term goals


2. my sticker rewards – old business cards that I gradually fill with stickers as I make progress towards my goals – once a card is full, I can claim a small reward for my efforts


3. a bulletin board with short reminders of the goals I am working on

bulletin board
the toadstool is one of my evening knitting projects

4. my bowl of ‘finds’ from my walks

'finds' from my walks
since I walk in the woods, my ‘finds’ so far are lichens, leaves and acorns!

What do you use to remind yourself of the progress you are making towards your goals?

Best always, Alexandra 



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