walking in the woods

Goal #4:   My third medium term, four-week goal is to begin to go for a short 10 minute walk outside every day (November 23 to December 23, 2013)

I am lucky to have lots of safe interesting places to walk.  I usually walk in the woods around our property since the ground is springy and is easier on my knees than the asphalt of the main road.

I think my ‘walk’ should be described more as a ‘meander’ or a ‘ramble’.  Since I am walking in the woods, there are lots of trippers and I have to watch where I go so I won’t fall.  There are also many things to divert my attention.  When the ground is bare, there are various plants to find.  Even in the cold weather, some, like the Wintergreen in the photo, are still green.  In the snow, there are tracks to follow.

Today on my walk I found some Wintergreen, still green in the woods although snow was falling

I have several trails to follow since we have a big property.  The map below will give you an idea of some of these paths.walking trails

Where do you go for your walks?

Best always, Alexandra



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