enjoying a party

In my program of weight loss and healthy eating, I have come up against the biggest challenge of the season – the Christmas party.  I have been to two and although I did better than I would have if wellness weren’t foremost on my mind, I realise seasonal eating can put major hurdles in the way of weight-loss.

First, I need to remember that the purpose of the Christmas party is not to gorge on party food, but to spend time with friends.  Conversation, not calories should be my focus when I go to a Christmas event.

Second, I need to have a plan:

  1. eat properly before I leave home
  2. know that this is not the last time I will ever be able to sample good food
  3. enjoy the company and don’t think about the food all the time
  4. select an item that looks delicious and have only one serving
  5. choose a healthy food that I know I can eat guilt-free
  6. don’t sit near the food but find a spot at more than arm’s length from the table
  7. tell someone at the party I am trying to limit my intake of high-calorie foods

At both events, the party hosts were good enough to include low-calorie and healthy alternatives in their fare.  A fruit tray with grapes and melon saved me at the first party.  Baked apples, stuffed with raisins were a good choice at the second gathering.  It made me realise that when I bring something to a dinner as a pot-luck contribution, I can make my contribution both calorie-wise and healthy.

Holiday eating at home has not been as successful.  As a result of almost 60 years of training, I associate the holidays with eating.  Over the last weeks, we have included several foods in our grocery cart that should never have made it into our home.  In this case, the best strategy is – do not buy foods I cannot resist.  Good news folks, we have eaten it all.

Best always, Alexandra

unhappy Alexandra
Alexandra, ashamed, after the cheesecake is all gone.

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