weighing in

It has been 25 days since I made a commitment to try and improve my wellness and to lose some weight.

So far, I have lost one pound and worked to improve my eating habits and the frequency of my exercise.  I have not achieved the magnificent weight loss I intended.

unhappy Alexandra

On paper, losing weight seems so easy.  Set a goal, describe a behavior to change ….  substantial weight loss is only a pen stroke away.

Then the excuses begin.  It is Christmas time and eating is part of the celebration.  Those cookies look so delicious.  And they have sprinkles!  A taste of chocolate would feel really good right now.  It is too cold outside to walk.  I need to watch this program on TV.  I will begin again tomorrow.

I will always have excuses.  However I have made some changes for the better and I need to focus on maintaining these.  I have been drinking more fluids. I have brought my evening eating under control most of the time.  I did not over-indulge at the parties I have attended.

What I have not done is reduce my caloric intake to match my metabolic requirements.  Calories in, calories out.

When I went to the dietician, she said increasing my metabolism would occur if I:

  1. exercise more regularly
  2. eat regularly through the day
  3. include protein at every meal

If I look at my goals, both short and long-term, they are designed to help increase my metabolism.  All I have to do is keep working to reach them.  So easy on paper.

Best always, Alexandra



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