what I’ve been eating

I began my weight loss and wellness program on November 23, 2013.  Since then, I have been tracking my eating on most days using the ‘app’ called MyFitnessPal‘  (http://www.myfitnesspal.com/).  The ‘app’ helps me record what I have eaten and tracks nutrients so I will know at the end of the day if I haven’t had enough calcium or fibre.  Gradually it builds a dictionary of your usual foods, so entering the food gets quicker with time.  The ‘app’ also allows you to track exercise and the water you drink.

what did I eat?
what did I eat?

Last evening, I decided to have a look at what I have eaten to try and identify some patterns, to see where I have gone wrong, and to know what I have done right.  Since November 17, 2013 (one month ago), I have kept a record of my eating on 19 of 30 days.  A simple look at what I have eaten during those days shows me some interesting facts that I can put to work in my future wellness endeavors:

◊ during those 19 days, I ate ‘out’ on five occasions

on three of these, I kept my calories at the restaurant below 500 🙂

on one night, a dinner with friends, I made a bad meal choice followed by a high calorie dessert – I suffered with salt overload for the next five days!

one lunch meal – you won’t believe this one – we had a best poutine challenge (Dairy Queen versus McDonalds) – over 1600 calories wasted on ridiculousness!!! 😦

why do I do rediculous?????
why do I do ridiculous ?????


◊ I was within 200 calories of my goal for the day on 8 days 🙂

◊ on several days I could have saved about 300 calories by limiting my cheese serving size – if I had only 1 ounce of cheese instead of 3 to 4 ounces, I would still have met my calcium goal for the day and saved the calories, salt and fat.

◊ foods I seem to have a hard time limiting: chocolate, potato salad, chicken pot pie and cheese

we have developed a habit of eating salad once or twice a week, and chili con carne at least once a week – good choices, high in fibre and nutrients 🙂

◊ as I’ve reported before, I went to two parties during this time and ate responsibly at both 🙂

my potassium intake is below what it should be on most days – an increase in fruit and vegetables should fix this

choose foods rich in Potassium (K)
choose foods rich in Potassium (K)

Keeping track of my food intake has value beyond the day – weeks later, I can use the food diary to help me make better eating decisions!

Do you keep a food diary?  What has it taught you about eating well? 

Best always, Alexandra



2 thoughts on “what I’ve been eating

  1. Yes Jane,,,I have kept a food diary since 2000 until this year. In 2013 I may have wrote in my food journal 12 times. I certainly am struggling but all of my issues (this year) are my fault. I am starting fresh just before the New Year. Without my journal,,,I am lost,,,My main concern is that I meet all of my guidelines,,,my vegies,,my water,,my fruit,,my protein,,,my oils etc. As you know,,I worked for Weight Watchers before I went to the Health and Wellness Clinic. I love following the Weight Watchers plan. I don’t like the word “excuses”,,,,I’d rather we say the “reason”. I will share with you my weight and my losses or gains the moment I start back up. I love your “plan”,,,we are on the same page. Keep doing what you are doing. Sorry to be so scattered but I gotta run to start this last meeting. Good Luck.!

    • Hi Patsi. I have often kept written food diaries, I think I’ll do a post just on keeping track. I love the ipad app I am using because it calculate nutrients as well as calories. I’d love to keep in touch to ‘see’ how you are doing in the new year. It is easier when you have someone to tell about the successes and the downers. Jane

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