keeping track

I am convinced, one of the best aids to aiming for wellness is ‘keeping track’.  This includes keeping a record of my weight and daily exercise.  It also includes making a list of what I have eaten during the day.

At the present time, I am using the food and exercise records in the MyFitnessPal‘  app on my Ipad (

In the past, I have used other ways of keeping track of my daily eating.  I thought I’d share a few of these.  Perhaps one will work for you!

For almost a year, I kept track using index cards.  On one side, I fixed a label printed from my computer.  On the other side, I recorded my food choices for each meal.


For a pdf file of the labels I used, click here: dietlabels

For a while, I used a small booklet of ‘strips’ showing the various food groups and checkboxes to keep track.  I used my own ‘diet’ of 5 servings of vegetables, 5 of fruit, three of meat and fish, 3 of milk and milk products, 5 of grains, 3 of fat and 8 of water.  To make the booklet, I cut strips from a printed sheet (see the pdf file below) and stapled them together.

a booklet of strips for keeping track of the day’s food groups

For a pdf file of the strips, click here: food journal

Sometimes, just to bring myself under control, I have taken a rather manic approach to food and activity journaling.  For example, here is a week-end journal I used for a while a few years ago.

a sheet to help keep track of eating on the weekend

Have fun using any of these food diary ideas, or invent one of your own.  Keeping track works!!!!

Best always, Alexandra 

what did I eat?


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