increasing my potassium intake -results

Over the last two weeks, I have been monitoring my potassium intake, trying to understand how to increase it to a healthy level.  I have learned that many of the foods I normally eat are low in potassium.

During the 8 days I kept track of potassium, I tried to purchase and eat foods I know have lots of potassium.  Orange foods, such as apricots and cantaloupe, are generally potassium rich, so I made sure they were in my grocery order.


As you can see, I increased my potassium intake but never achieved the minimum of 3500 mg/day.  That means I have to always be mindful of what I am eating to keep my intake anywhere near what it should be.  I realise having raisin bran and milk is a good breakfast, better than the toast and jam I sometimes have.  I am also going to continue to include cantaloupe and apricots as a regular part of my grocery order.  Grapes, bananas and nuts are also great choices!!!

Best always, Alexandra



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