update on my long-term goal

My long-term goal is to lose 52 pounds by November 23 of this year.  One pound a week.  That didn’t sound too strenuous.

Well, after over six weeks, I have lost one pound.  One pound.  I couldn’t squeeze even another quarter pound from that highly-accurate, uncompromising scale of mine.

unhappy Alexandra

When I set my one pound per week goal, I knew it might be difficult.  It is certainly harder to lose weight at 59 than it was at 29.  I can remember losing 10 pounds in one week when I was in my 30s (mostly water, of course, and it didn’t stay gone).


I did not gain over Christmas, in spite of the constant presence of temptation, and I did allow myself many, many, many treats (many).

So one pound isn’t so bad.  One pound down and 51 to go.


Good grief.

Best always, Alexandra



2 thoughts on “update on my long-term goal

  1. Hi Jane,,,I think I see a 2 pound loss in 6 weeks. Your “plan” is an excellent one,,,I like what I read,,,,if you think something might be wrong like your thyroid,,,then don’t hesitate to check that out. By not gaining any weight over Christmas is a REALLY good thing.! I am happy that you have gotten rid of 2 pounds so far. Keep up your “plan”. Have a good week.! I’m with ya all the weigh.

    • Hi Patsi. This is slow going, but I’ll be better now that all the Christmas treats are behind me. I certainly associate relaxation and celebration with eating. I often think of your family’s New Year’s celebrations. I remember one year I passed up a very fancy parfait dessert in the interest of staying on my diet. I often think of that dessert …. Jane (aka Alexandra)

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