eating more fish – update

Two weeks ago, I pledged to eat include more fish in my diet for the next month.  I thought I’d do a mid-goal review of how I am doing.




For the first two weeks, I have included fish in my meals more often (at least twice a week).  We’ve bought more fish than usual at the grocery store and tried some new recipes.


I went out with friends last evening and took a different approach to ordering in keeping with my goal.  Usually, I order some sort of chicken dish.  Last evening I had a good look at the fish menu choices and picked the ‘Arctic Char’.  To quote the menu: ‘a Nova Scotia fish to fall in love with, seasoned Cajun style and dressed with a citrus hollandaise sauce serve with charbroiled carrots, zucchini and rice pilaf’.


Well, I am so glad I tried something different!  The Arctic Char was so good, similar to salmon.  Delicate taste, no bones and so good with the charbroiled carrots!  I went away from the table feeling satisfied but not over-stuffed! This is a good choice from an environmental point of view too since Arctic Char is a sustainably farmed fish.


My learning from my fish-eating challenge so far …

♦ to try something new when I go out to eat – a great way to increase the fish in my diet


Best always, Alexandra



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