exercise, exercise

We are well into February and it is past time to reflect on my medium term goals for January …

Medium-Term Goals (one month)

Goal #2: To bike every second day for one month (January 1, 2014 to February 1, 2014).

Goal #3: To do 2.5 pound arm weight sessions on days when I am not cycling (January 1, 2014 to February 1, 2014).

Goal #4: To go for a short 10 minute walk outside every day (January 1, 2014 to February 1, 2014).

So, how did I do???


Date Cycle Weights Walk Date Cycle Weights Walk
Jan. 1 Jan. 17
Jan. 2  # Jan. 18
Jan. 3 Jan. 19
Jan. 4 Jan. 20  #
Jan. 5  # Jan. 21  #
Jan. 6  # Jan. 22
Jan. 7  # Jan. 23  #  #
Jan. 8  # Jan. 24
Jan. 9 Jan. 25  #  #
Jan. 10 Jan. 26
Jan. 11  # Jan. 27
Jan. 12 Jan. 28  #  #
Jan. 13 Jan. 29
Jan. 14  # Jan. 30  #
Jan. 15  # Jan. 31  #
Jan. 16  # Feb. 1


Biking:  I bike on my stationary cycle.  On January 30, I celebrated the anniversary of the start of my regular cycling program.  I have been cycling approximately every third day for a year.  During the year, I biked 143 days (an average of 30 minutes on each day) and over 530 kilometers.  I am so proud of myself!!  As for January, I biked 10 times.  This is approximately once every three days, but it took me a while to get started after the Christmas lazy period.  I still have a way to go to meet my goal of biking once every two days.

Weights: I did weights only twice during the month.  This puzzles me a bit because they are easy to do while watching TV and I certainly did enough of that last month!  In order to improve my likelihood of doing my weight session, I have moved my weights up to the living room.

Walking:  I ‘walked’ 7 times this month.  Considered with my biking, that doesn’t sound too bad.  However, I only walked outside twice (the cold weather and icy conditions have been very discouraging).  Instead I began to use a piece of exercise equipment left here by my son – the Tony Little ‘Gazelle’.  It is very easy to use.  I brings my heart rate up but I am uncertain about whether it achieves the weight-bearing value of walking.  I am also cautious because I don’t want to hurt my arthritic knees – today I am recovering from a hurt ligament (from not stretching before and after using the Gazelle).


During February, I am going to concentrate on my biking:

Goal #2: To bike every second day for one month (February 1, 2014 to March 1, 2014).

Best always, Alexandra




2 thoughts on “exercise, exercise

  1. How are you doing Jane.? I noticed you did not get weighed this week.? Thinking about you,,,,You seem to be doing everything right but yet those extra pounds are giving you a hard time in getting gone. When do you think you should see a nutritionist.? OR,,,you know about Weight Watchers “core” or now called “simply filling” plan.? Did you ever think you could follow that plan if only for a week at a time.? Don’t you give up or I am going to come up and cuff you.! I want you to live a very long life,,,God has more plans for you,,,you do know that.? Good Luck this week and God bless. patsi.

    • Hi Patsi. I have been weighing myself every two weeks, partly from denial and partly because I don’t want the scales to run my life. I am going to need some help, I know. As you suggest, I may return to my nutritionist for a boost or try Weight Watchers which has worked for me in the past. As you say, I am doing everything right but … I’m still eating too much food. I like your suggestion of trying small steps (like a week at a time). Thanks for watching over me. Jane (aka Alexandra)

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