eating more fish – results

In January, I set a goal to include more fish in my diet …




I did fairly well, eating fish eight times during the four weeks.  I also ordered fish when I went to a restaurant during the month.


We tried a couple of recipes.  The Hearty Salmon Chowder is always good.  The Tuna-Kidney Bean Salad was a bit bland for my liking – good ingredients could be improved with some mayo.


The path to wellness is never easy and I discovered that I have to modify my enthusiasm sometimes … eating more fish than usual gave me a flare-up of gout.  Gout is caused by a build-up of uric acid in the blood and results in attacks of acute inflammatory arthritis.  In my case, the joints of my toes become inflamed and sore.  Sources say fish can cause a flare-up.  I also have had gout attacks from eating asparagus.


I intend to keep eating fish, just in moderation.  From this adventure with eating fish, I have discovered:

  • a better diet begins with the grocery store
  • use ‘eating out’ as a way to make better eating choices


Best Always, Alexandra



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