February exercise

So, we are into March at last.  There are still two feet of snow on the ground where I live, but there are small signs that spring is on the way.  The sun is up by 6:30, the roof is dripping in today’s bright sun, and I have some things for April in my calendar.


Last month I pledged to go on my stationary cycle every second day. Hmmm.  I am proud that I continued to exercise during the month, but I fell short of my goal.  I biked 11 times during the month, a little more often than every third day.


I think my goal will stand for March – I will plan to bike every second day.  Perhaps as the ice melts and the snow goes, I will do some more walking too.


Best always, Alexandra

Alexandra reading, not eating

Date Cycle Weights Walk Date Cycle Weights Walk
Feb. 1  #  # Feb. 17
Feb. 2  # Feb. 18
Feb. 3  # Feb. 19  #
Feb. 4  # Feb. 20
Feb. 5  # Feb. 21  #  #
Feb. 6 Feb. 22
Feb. 7 Feb. 23  #
Feb. 8  # Feb. 24
Feb. 9 Feb. 25  #
Feb. 10 Feb. 26
Feb. 11 Feb. 27  #
Feb. 12  # Feb. 28
Feb. 13 March 1  #
Feb. 14
Feb. 15
Feb. 16  #

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