keeping busy in the evenings

Well, two weeks into my new wellness challenge, I have lost two pounds.  This makes me happy because loosing the weight slowly is the best way to allow my habits and body to adjust.  My morning blood glucose readings have also been great for these two weeks, always less than 8.0 .


I attribute my loss to limiting my evening eating.  Instead of sitting, watching TV and making trips to the kitchen every five minutes, I have focussed on making small lap quilts.  These are easy to handle, quick to do and the finished quilt helps me stay warm on a cold evening.

I think this works to curb my evening eating because:

  • it keeps my hands busy
  • the work demands my whole attention
  • snacking as I am sewing is almost impossible
  • the result (the finished quilt) is very satisfying


My quilt-making would not win any prizes.  As you can see below, my stitches are quite irregular.  But it ‘works for me’ and the result is quite durable.  I start with a small fleece baby blanket (30″ by 36″) and sew small patches on one side, using top stitching.  Then I add a backing and sew the layers together with more stitching.  By the time a quilt is bound, it has taken about 5 evenings or 15 hours.




Best always, Alexandra


4 thoughts on “keeping busy in the evenings

  1. Well hello my friend,,,,,Glad that you are back.! Good Luck,,,I will be “with” you all the “weigh”. Nothing is easy . When I finished work,,I gained my weight back and then some,,,then I lost it again and now I have it again.! All within 2 yrs maybe. Very Very unhealthy indeed. Have a good week,,,see ya on Wednesday. 2 lbs over C-mas,,,kudos to you.!

    • Hi Patsi. Not sure how I did this past week, although Santa was quite careful with the treats this year. I am glad you did well! I have to get back to the exercise plan too! Jane (aka Alexandra)

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