taking away stumbling blocks

I have done regular exercise on my stationary bike since February of 2013. Regular means 30 minutes every second day. Sometimes I falter at this goal (we all do) and I have to find ways to put myself back on track.


About six months ago I realised I was biking less and less frequently. When I looked at the reasons for this, it came down to one thing. I didn’t like going down to the basement to do my biking. First, even though I made a nice space for my stationary bike, the basement is so isolated from the rest of the house going down there was very unappealing. Second, when I do go to the basement, I felt I should take the opportunity to start a laundry, empty the drier, sweep the floor, clean the cat’s litter box, etc. I was tangling exercise up with work I have to do. The sum total – I was finding all sorts of excuses not to go to the basement and put a half hour on my bike!


Alexandra dismayed


My exercise bike is super heavy, so moving it up stairs ourselves was not an option. So I took what seemed a ridiculous step. I phoned a moving company to come and move my bike from the basement to the top floor. Two strong men arrived at the door and carried my bike to the top floor without a pause for a rest!


Now my bike is in a convenient place where I can use it without excuses. I am most motivated to exercise when I get up in the morning and there it is, right in the path on the way to the rest of my day. Since moving my bike upstairs, I am using it more often and getting lots of reading done (it is brighter upstairs too!).


Alexandra proud of herself


If you encounter a stumbling block to your best daily routine, I hope my story will help you to put yourself back on track.

  • analyse the problem and determine a solution
  • put the solution into action, even if it involves some input of energy or money

At the time, my solution seemed radical, even silly. But in the long run, my health is my most important consideration!


All the best,



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