Check-in: mid-October

Last month I pledged to stop drinking diet cola products. I have read that diet soda may contribute to poor health by harming metabolism. They also contain acids to damage teeth and may contribute to cell damage. For a good article on this subject, see:

It has been harder to stop drinking these products than I thought. Although I have definitely cut way back on my drinks of diet pop, I still have moments when I am tired and drinking diet soda is an easy thing to do.

I am going to redouble my efforts, buying concentrated cranberry juice and lime juice to add to my water. Having a little flavour in my water would help make it my first choice!

I have added another pledge to my list – to measure the margarine I add to toast and other foods. It tastes good, so a slather is sometimes a good description of the amount I apply! I know I should be adding a little margarine to my food, not adding some food to my margarine!

My list of pledges to my son so far is:

  • July: I pledged to not eat French fries. French fries are not good for me and other choices are always available. In three months I have only had French fries twice.
  • August: I pledged to eat only small servings of ice cream. My son said this was not to allow me to eat ice cream every day!!! For two months, I have had only small servings of ice cream!
  • September: I pledged not to drink diet or regular cola. I have definitely cut back, but I have to re-double my efforts.
  • October: I pledge to add only measured amounts of margarine to toast or vegetables.


drinking water

All my best,




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