adventures on my bike …

I have set myself a challenge. 100 km on my stationary bike by Christmas.

To meet this challenge, I need an incentive, a way to bike without getting totally bored. I can’t bike and read or write at the same time, so I will try something that has worked for me before. I will take a virtual trip using Google Earth and Street View! For my earlier trips through France, Cornwall and northern New Brunswick, Canada, have a look at my other blog under the category ‘virtual cycling …’

Alexandra smiling

Since I have some Irish roots, I have decided to take this virtual trip along the south coast of Ireland in County Cork. Phase One will take me from Donegal West on Ringarogy Island to Baltimore on Route R595. Then, for Phase Two, I will continue north-east on R595 toward Skibbereen.

Follow my journey!!! I will post my progress and some ‘photos’ of what I see as I travel.


I begin tomorrow morning.

All my best!



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