Virtual biking … Phase One, Day Two

I took the road to the right … because I knew it would go nearer to the Roaringwater Bay and I love water!


Today, I travelled 1.2 km and cycled for 10 minutes. This took me to the east end of Reengaroga Bridge and the village of Rathmore. The names are all very strange to me!


I saw inlets of the Bay …


A lovely blue boat, pulled from the water …


Roadside vegetation including gorse, pink roses, a red ericaceous shrub of unknown name and lots of ferns …


I finished on the north side of the causeway at Rathmore. I know from photos on the web that the bridge is a stone arch.

And so I leave Ringarogy Island in Roaringwater Bay!

Day 2!




Getting a good sleep

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