Still biking …

Last time I reported on my stationary biking, I was using Street View (Google Earth) to travel the roads of County Cork in Ireland. I travelled a long way with this method of motivation.


I have since found a new way to motivate myself and track my progress. I use the ‘earn a free coffee’ card from a popular restaurant and stickers I have rescued from unused address labels. I get quite a few cards since I drink a lot of fast-food tea.


Each time I use my stationary bike, I earn a sticker. I put the date and the time travelled on the back of the card. When I have earned eight stickers, I get a small reward, usually a new eBook.


Scan_20180419 (5).jpg


Sounds like kindergarten, but for me it works to keep my motivation.


To pass the time on my bike, I read, or edit one of my books-in-progress.


Scan_20180419 (6)
on the back of each card, I write the date and the time spent on my bike




If you are having trouble with motivation toward exercise, this little method might help.


All my best,



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