Scheduled ‘me’ time

Lately, mostly due to various problems with arthritis, I find myself managing my pain with ‘avoidance.’ I still do my stretches and biking each morning, but the rest of my day is about minimizing movement. Short term gain (no pain) for long term pain (loss of flexibility and muscle tone). Not a good approach.


So, I am trying to build some activity into the later parts of my day. At 4:00 every day, I am giving an hour to my health. One of the actives will be to get outside and walk. I have a deck system with four sets of stairs, so a circuit involves exercising muscles to keep my knees strong, a key piece of arthritis management.


You can see by the pile of leaves at the bottom, this set of stairs hasn’t been used enough!


Other things I can do during my ‘me hour’ (some exercise, some wellness time):

1. Research a health topic I am interested in and do an information page in my scrapbook. Perhaps do a blog post!

2. Do 20 minutes of yoga. I have a program to follow or, for variety, I can tape a program from TV.

3. Get weighed. We have a very good quality doctor’s scale but it is in the basement so I don’t weigh myself too often.

4. Do a set of weights for my arms, to keep them strong and help accelerate my metabolism.

5. Foot and nail care.

6. Read or do any sedentary activity on my exercise ball.

7. Take a walk outside, including my deck-stair circuit.


Another deck stairway ready for my circuits.


All my best,



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