stationary cycle and virtual travel


DateDistance (Minutes)from/to
January 1120Insch to Auchleven
January 1320Auchleven
January 1520road to Keig
January 1720road to Keig
January 1920road to Keig
cumulative total (since Dec. 30/21)190

Continuing on my virtual travel in Scotland while on my Stationary Bike at home: this week I cycled every second day and increased my time to 20 minutes per session. Travel in the country side is very much like travel here in New Brunswick.



Along the road are plants that seem familiar. This is probably a relative of our fireweed.



Along the road are plantations of what I think must be Christmas trees. Acres and acres of Christmas trees.


Back Burn near Auchleven

Crossed a couple of streams, called Burns.

Occasionally I see forested areas and I love the older, bigger trees. Perhaps some were there in the 1700s when my ancestors lived here.

On Friday, I will reach Keig, a possible birthplace of my third great-grandfather John Clarke.


Stay well,



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