a list of my goals

Long-Term Goals (one year)

Goal #1:  My long term goal is to lose approximately 5% of my body weight (12 pounds) by December 30, 2017 (4 months, 3 pounds per month).

Medium-Term Goals (one month)

Goal #2: To bike at least 10 minutes every day for one month (September 4, 2017 to October 4, 2017).

Short-Term Goals (two to five days)

Goal #3: To reduce the amount of fat in my diet to 3 servings per day. I can help this goal along by measuring the amounts of margarine I add to food.

Goal #4: To be more mindful about my evening eating, deciding beforehand what snack I will eat and finding other ways to occupy myself.

Goal #5: To eat a serving of protein with breakfast each morning.



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