Check-in: mid-October

Last month I pledged to stop drinking diet cola products. I have read that diet soda may contribute to poor health by harming metabolism. They also contain acids to damage teeth and may contribute to cell damage. For a good article on this subject, see:

It has been harder to stop drinking these products than I thought. Although I have definitely cut way back on my drinks of diet pop, I still have moments when I am tired and drinking diet soda is an easy thing to do.

I am going to redouble my efforts, buying concentrated cranberry juice and lime juice to add to my water. Having a little flavour in my water would help make it my first choice!

I have added another pledge to my list – to measure the margarine I add to toast and other foods. It tastes good, so a slather is sometimes a good description of the amount I apply! I know I should be adding a little margarine to my food, not adding some food to my margarine!

My list of pledges to my son so far is:

  • July: I pledged to not eat French fries. French fries are not good for me and other choices are always available. In three months I have only had French fries twice.
  • August: I pledged to eat only small servings of ice cream. My son said this was not to allow me to eat ice cream every day!!! For two months, I have had only small servings of ice cream!
  • September: I pledged not to drink diet or regular cola. I have definitely cut back, but I have to re-double my efforts.
  • October: I pledge to add only measured amounts of margarine to toast or vegetables.


drinking water

All my best,




drinking water for health – results

This week I kept track of the amount of fluids I drink during the day.

I learned:

  • I need to drink more milk
  • I need to remind myself to drink water, especially early in the day
  • I usually add some lime juice to my water (makes it taste better)
  • I had a hard time staying away from soft drinks but overall I did well
  • I drank juice every day, but in small quantities
  • I do not drink tea every day


Best always, Alexandra

drinking water

drinking water for health

Drinking water is so good for me.  It fills me up, keeps me from being dehydrated (and thus keeps my metabolism going), keeps my joints lubricated and flushes toxins from my body.  It is just about the easiest thing I can do to keep well.

drinking water

I try to drink 6 glasses (cups) of water per day.  The Dietitians of Canada website (—Know-when-.aspx) suggests that women drink 9 cups of fluid a day!  Some of the fluid can be supplied from milk, tea and coffee, juice and so on.  I limit tea and coffee since they contain caffeine.  I rarely drink soft drinks since they contain loads of sugar.  I go through bouts when I drink sugar-free soft drinks non-stop, but I always wonder what the sweeteners are doing to my body.  I also rarely drink juice since it makes my blood glucose too high.

I usually have one cup of tea per day and at least two cups of milk, so on an ideal day, I am at 9 cups per day.  On an ideal day…  well, there are certainly days when I don’t drink the fluids I should.  For some reason, I also have a hard time drinking fluids early in the day.  So I can always use some encouragement and a few reminders.

Over the next five days, I am going to keep track of my fluid intake.  I can do this with both of my I-Pad tracker apps, MyFitnessPal‘  ( and  ‘CheckOff Diet Tracker’ (New Angle Technologies LLC).  However, I also made a page in my notebook to keep track of the water and other fluids I am drinking.  Since I can keep my notebook nearby, I can keep my goal of drinking fluids literally ‘in sight’.

Goal #7: to drink nine cups of fluids each day for five days, including at least two cups of milk, one cup of tea and no juice or regular/diet soda.

drinking water

In five days, I’ll tell you if I achieved my goal of nine cups of fluid per day.

Follow along with me if you like.  Let me know how you do!

Best always, Alexandra