My virtual Irish cycling tour: phase 2, day 7

Today I was up early to day seven of phase 2 of my virtual Irish cycling tour (via stationary bike and Google Earth’s Street View). I followed the North Road in Gortnaclohy along the Cork Road to Smorane. 2.0 km and 20 minutes.


Gortnaclohy has a compact core, with a narrow street lined with businesses, places to eat and apartments.


Plots of people out and about, including a group of school boys on an outing.


It took a round-about to show me I have been cycling on the wrong side of the road! They drive on the left hand side of the road in Ireland!


At last, evidence of faerie-folk! A lime green side road with purple foliage!


Bike on!




My virtual Irish cycling tour: phase 2, day six

Continuing my virtual tour of the Irish countryside, using my stationary bike and Street View!

Day 6: 20 minutes, 3.0 km along the Baltimore Road, Gortnaclohy, Cork County.

I saw:

the usual gates


an abandoned lane


an old church in a charming downtown


flowers at a bridge


Still on the lookout for the faeries!

All by best, Alexandra


Virtual Biking in Ireland, Phase 2, Day 2 to Day 5

Four more days of virtual biking. All along the way …. pretty Irish houses!


Day 1 Sept 22 15 minutes 2.0 km to Creagh


Day 2 Sept 24  10 min 2.0 km more of Creagh




Day 3 Sept 25  10 min 2.0 km to Bunlick




Day 4 Sept 26  10 min 2.0 km to Licknavar




Day 5 Sept 28. 10 min 20 km to Carrigfadda





Having great luck with this motivator. My legs are stronger and my guilt over not exercising is gone! Over the next month, I will increase my time on the bike to 30 minutes per day.

All the best,


Virtual biking in Ireland, Phase Two, Day One

Still virtual-biking along the south coast of Ireland. On Day One of Phase Two, I biked from Rathmore to Creagh. 15 minutes, 2.0 km.


This trip followed the Bay, but the landscape was dominated by those charming tunnel-roads seen so often in the British Isles.


I also saw so many side-roads, some gated, some open to explore!


Watching carefully for leprechauns as I travel!


Virtual biking … phase 1, day six


Haven’t been biking for one week. We were on vacation. Lots of driving, so in spite of promises, and although at least two of our hotels had exercise rooms, no biking was done. However, I am back home and back on the bike. Today I went to the end of Beacon Road in Baltimore, Cork County, Ireland. 1.3 km and 20 minutes.


At the end of Beacon Road, in Street View, was this photo of a young couple. You don’t often see people in Street View shots and photos like this are rare!


All the best,



Virtual biking … phase 1, day four and five

Two more days of biking ( virtually) through Ireland on my stationary bike.

Day 4 … 15 minutes, to Ballylichy, 1.2 km …

Day 5 … 10 minutes, to  Baltimore, 1.3 km …

If you ever have troubles getting motivated to do your biking, try this. I am so interested in what I’ll see next along those Irish roads, I hop right on my bike every morning.

My favourite sight on Day 4 ….


My favourite sight on Day 5 …


See you tomorrow!





Virtual biking … Phase one, day three

On Day 3 of my virtual bike trip in Southern Ireland, I went from the bridge at Rathmore south along Route 595, a distance of 1.4 km (10 minutes).


Saw a very pretty road to left and some Irish cows.


Drove along Bay, stone fences and lots of yellow gorse …


Feeling great and proud of myself for starting on this journey!

All photos are from Street View, Google Earth.

All my best,



Virtual biking … Phase One, Day Two

I took the road to the right … because I knew it would go nearer to the Roaringwater Bay and I love water!


Today, I travelled 1.2 km and cycled for 10 minutes. This took me to the east end of Reengaroga Bridge and the village of Rathmore. The names are all very strange to me!


I saw inlets of the Bay …


A lovely blue boat, pulled from the water …


Roadside vegetation including gorse, pink roses, a red ericaceous shrub of unknown name and lots of ferns …


I finished on the north side of the causeway at Rathmore. I know from photos on the web that the bridge is a stone arch.

And so I leave Ringarogy Island in Roaringwater Bay!

Day 2!




Getting a good sleep

Virtual biking … Phase One, Day One

Biking from Donegal West towards Reengaroga Bridge …. (virtual biking using Street View).

Here I am in Donegal West … stone walls, field of green, a dragon in the sky!



On this short ride (20 minutes, 0.8 km) I drove a two-track lane with a hedgerow on either side. I saw bushes with red berries, gorse in bloom and some enticing gates.

Hedgerows …


Yellow gorse to the left …




So tomorrow, which way do I turn? Two paths diverged … according to the map, they both end in the same place!




All photos are from Street View, Google Earth (DuoMaps App)

Great beginning! Yahoo!


adventures on my bike …

I have set myself a challenge. 100 km on my stationary bike by Christmas.

To meet this challenge, I need an incentive, a way to bike without getting totally bored. I can’t bike and read or write at the same time, so I will try something that has worked for me before. I will take a virtual trip using Google Earth and Street View! For my earlier trips through France, Cornwall and northern New Brunswick, Canada, have a look at my other blog under the category ‘virtual cycling …’

Alexandra smiling

Since I have some Irish roots, I have decided to take this virtual trip along the south coast of Ireland in County Cork. Phase One will take me from Donegal West on Ringarogy Island to Baltimore on Route R595. Then, for Phase Two, I will continue north-east on R595 toward Skibbereen.

Follow my journey!!! I will post my progress and some ‘photos’ of what I see as I travel.


I begin tomorrow morning.

All my best!