increasing my potassium intake -results

Over the last two weeks, I have been monitoring my potassium intake, trying to understand how to increase it to a healthy level.  I have learned that many of the foods I normally eat are low in potassium.

During the 8 days I kept track of potassium, I tried to purchase and eat foods I know have lots of potassium.  Orange foods, such as apricots and cantaloupe, are generally potassium rich, so I made sure they were in my grocery order.


As you can see, I increased my potassium intake but never achieved the minimum of 3500 mg/day.  That means I have to always be mindful of what I am eating to keep my intake anywhere near what it should be.  I realise having raisin bran and milk is a good breakfast, better than the toast and jam I sometimes have.  I am also going to continue to include cantaloupe and apricots as a regular part of my grocery order.  Grapes, bananas and nuts are also great choices!!!

Best always, Alexandra



increasing my potassium intake

When I have a detailed look at my food record, I see that I am rarely getting the recommended amount of potassium during the day (although there is no specific daily recommendation, I have see values ranging from 3500-4700 mg per day).

choose foods rich in Potassium (K)
choose foods rich in Potassium (K)

Potassium (chemical symbol ‘K’) is a mineral required by the body.  The  Dieticians of Canada ( list the befits of Potassium:

  1. regulates blood pressure ( I take medications to control high blood pressure)
  2. keeps fluids balanced between tissues and blood
  3. allows nerves and muscles to work together

what did I eat?
what foods do I need to eat to increase my Potassium???

Since the body does not manufacture Potassium, it needs to obtain Potassium from the food we eat.

Foods rich in Potassium include:

  • bananas, papaya, sweet potato
  • dark leafy greens
  • avocado
  • prune juice, tomato juice, orange juice
  • milk, yogurt
  • dried beans such as navy, pinto and black beans, chickpeas, lentils
  • beef, pork, fish
  • nuts and seeds

Think ORANGE – oranges, cantaloupe, apricots, peaches, sweet potato!!!

So, in order to increase the Potassium in my diet, I am going to do the following:

  1. put sweet potato, cantaloupe, dried apricots, spinach, avocado, prune juice and sunflower seeds on my shopping list
  2. have an occasional banana (my husband likes bananas and we always have them on hand)
  3. continue to include nuts as a source of protein in my breakfast
  4. report on my daily potassium intake for one week (to keep track, I use MyFitnessPal‘  (


Best always, Alexandra