going gluten free

A new complication has arisen in our household … my husband has been told by his doctor that he has to go on a gluten-free diet.

I will not add to the huge number of postings out there on the topic of gluten-free eating.  But I will say a little about the implications for me and my healthy eating plan.


1. I think this could be a help to me.  Even at this early date I can see that thinking carefully about the food we eat and reading food labels will help me be more aware of what I eat.

2. I was not certain at first if I would try to follow the diet too, but I think I will.  The game changer was the toaster.  Gluten-free means my husband should not eat even a crumb of wheat bread.  Cleaning out our toaster was a major challenge and even after a session with the vacuum cleaner, we may have to buy a new one after all.  Two toasters and juggling two different kinds of bread is too much for me to cope with.  So I think the household will now be gluten-free!

3.  I am finally going to buy a book I have known about for a long time.  It advocates a different approach to healthy eating and elimination of wheat from all our diets.  William Davis, 2012, Wheat Belly.  I will let you know what I think once I have read it.


Perhaps someday I will be able to say, the toaster was responsible for it all!!!!!!!!


Best always, Alexandra