in winters past

Cold here. This week we reached a low of -13 (degrees Centigrade). As I watch the weather statistics I see that the record for coldest weather for the day was in 1973. The date whisked me back to my first winter in university. I barely recall those days, but I do remember hurrying back and forth across campus from class to class and the brown scarf I knit that year to keep my face from freezing.
To remember other cold weather, I just look at the winter garland of children’s socks and mitts strung across our chimney.
The red socks and little blue mittens hanging there were knit by my grandmother almost sixty years ago. We would have worn them on many bitter days spent in the cold Alberta winter. I remember my Mom wrapping our heads with multiple wool scarves, held in place by safety pins (long before the days of fleece and high performance fibres).
The green glove on the line warps me forward in time to the 1980’s when my son was in elementary school and the three-fingered Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were all the rage. I knit three-fingered gloves for him for three winters, as fast as they were lost. The single green glove on the chimney line is the only one that has survived.

Now, when the days and nights are cold, I knit. Mostly socks to keep me warm both during the knitting and the wearing.



walking in the rain

My goal is to walk every day outside for the next month. No matter what the weather.

Two days into this program, the weather outside was so miserable, I decided to walk inside to meet my goal.

Walking inside is possible but not fun.  It is boring.  There are twists and turns to negotiate.  The pile of laundry gets bigger every time I step over it.  The cat decides to follow me and becomes a tripper as I turn to complete the route. True, we have two flights of stairs which make the walk more of a workout.  But stairs are hard on my arthritic knees.  After five minutes of walking back and forth, I decide.  After this, I will be going outside for my walk, no matter the conditions!

Some days, walking outside is wonderful.  The air is fresh.  The sunshine feels good on my face.  There is always something new to see.  What will I find today to add to my bowl of treasures???

But some days it is very hard to venture outside. Where I live sometimes walking every day means going out in the most miserable weather.

Each day needs a different approach:

  • hunting season – no matter how cold, I have to wear hunter orange – my big orange coat keeps me from being mistaken for a deer!
  • cold – I wear layers – a woolen vest, two sweaters, my wind breaker and something for my head (a hat or scarf)
  • rainy – an umbrella
  • snow – I’ll have to find my winter coat
  • windy – same as for a cold day but with a long scarf to let the wind help drag me along!

Alexandra in rain
Alexandra in rain

Best walking always!!!!   Alexandra