update on my long-term goal

My long-term goal is to lose 52 pounds by November 23 of this year.  One pound a week.  That didn’t sound too strenuous.

Well, after over six weeks, I have lost one pound.  One pound.  I couldn’t squeeze even another quarter pound from that highly-accurate, uncompromising scale of mine.

unhappy Alexandra

When I set my one pound per week goal, I knew it might be difficult.  It is certainly harder to lose weight at 59 than it was at 29.  I can remember losing 10 pounds in one week when I was in my 30s (mostly water, of course, and it didn’t stay gone).


I did not gain over Christmas, in spite of the constant presence of temptation, and I did allow myself many, many, many treats (many).

So one pound isn’t so bad.  One pound down and 51 to go.


Good grief.

Best always, Alexandra



a 35 year record of weight

I have kept track of my weight over the years.  Because of various attempts at weight loss, I have excellent records especially in the early part of various years.  Like many people, I often begin my weight loss efforts in January!  Beginning in 1976, when I was 22 years  old, this is a graph of my weight through the years.

weight chart life

When I was married in 1980, I weighed 182 pounds.  The significant weight gain in 1983 is a result of my pregnancy.  Afterwards I lost some weight, but I continued to gain during stressful years at work until I gained back all of my baby weight by 1997.  In 1999, I began going to a dietician and lost about 40 pounds.  Since then, I have hovered around 250.  Every downward blip in the graph from 2000 to 2013 represents an attempt to lose weight, either on my own or with help.  In 2011, for example, I went briefly down to 235 as a result of going to Weight Watchers.  The gain in the last two years is since I retired.

When I look at these figures, I wonder about the value of all the struggles over the years to lose a pound.  If I had not bothered at all, would I weigh a ton?  I also realise how many times I have lost the same 5 pounds.  I see that my best success has been with help.  Perhaps I’ll give the dietician a call and make an appointment

Best always, Alexandra

unhappy Alexandra