virtual cycling

One of the strategies I use to encourage a regular stationary biking habit is ‘virtual cycling’. I began this in 2012 and, with the use of Google Earth and Street View, I have cycled virtually through:

  • central France (Lusignan, France to La Patache, France): six phases, January 30 to June 28, 2013; 196.8 km and 1975 minutes.
  • southern England (Rame, UK to Landwednack, UK; and from Predannack Wollas to Prussia Cove, UK): two phases, July 1, 2013 to December 21, 2013; and August 8, 2014 to November 24, 2014; 209 km and  2295 minutes.
  • northern New Brunswick (Campbellton to Bathurst): December 31, 2013 to March 25, 2014; 150 km and 810 minutes.
  • the upper part of the St. John River (La Frontière to Edmunston): four phases, January 27,  to February 16, 2015; 246 km and 1860 minutes. 

In the last year I gave myself a break from this virtual travel, using my time on the bike to read or make entries in my journal. Now I am ready to take on my next program of virtual travel.For this adventure, I will continue to follow the St. John River.  It is a beautiful river dominating the landscape of much of New Brunswick. The River is about 673 kilometers long (418 miles) from its beginnings in northern Maine and eastern Quebec to its mouth at the Bay of Fundy in the City of Saint John.




Now I will begin Phase 5, from Edmunston to Fredericton, by way of the older highways, a distance of about 300 km. I know this part of New Brunswick very well, since I have driven the road many times.


All the best,



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