protein for breakfast

Another short-term goal!

Goal #8: To eat a serving of protein with breakfast each morning.

I always eat breakfast.  I usually have toast or cereal, milk, and fruit.  Sometimes I have protein.  Sometimes just carbohydrates ….

I know that adding protein to my diet early in the day helps get my metabolism going, and provides the building blocks for muscle.  It also gives me energy and makes me feel full for longer.

I have to take some cautions with proteins since I have gout.  Too much protein can aggravate this condition.  A flare-up for me means very painful toes for a few days.

Examples of protein for breakfast:

  • peanut butter
  • Greek yogurt
  • kippered snacks (my Dad often ate fish with breakfast)
  • almonds or other tree nuts
  • cottage cheese
  • eggs ( usually in an omelet with red peppers and onions)

Here is the scrapbook page I will use to keep track of my progress:


Do you eat protein with your breakfast???

Best always, Alexandra



2 thoughts on “protein for breakfast

    • Hi. I think the best idea is to spread it out during the day to get the benefits but not to overdo. I usually don’t eat a lot of protein at lunch but I do eat about one serving. Jane (aka Alexandra)

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