going gluten free

A new complication has arisen in our household … my husband has been told by his doctor that he has to go on a gluten-free diet.

I will not add to the huge number of postings out there on the topic of gluten-free eating.  But I will say a little about the implications for me and my healthy eating plan.


1. I think this could be a help to me.  Even at this early date I can see that thinking carefully about the food we eat and reading food labels will help me be more aware of what I eat.

2. I was not certain at first if I would try to follow the diet too, but I think I will.  The game changer was the toaster.  Gluten-free means my husband should not eat even a crumb of wheat bread.  Cleaning out our toaster was a major challenge and even after a session with the vacuum cleaner, we may have to buy a new one after all.  Two toasters and juggling two different kinds of bread is too much for me to cope with.  So I think the household will now be gluten-free!

3.  I am finally going to buy a book I have known about for a long time.  It advocates a different approach to healthy eating and elimination of wheat from all our diets.  William Davis, 2012, Wheat Belly.  I will let you know what I think once I have read it.


Perhaps someday I will be able to say, the toaster was responsible for it all!!!!!!!!


Best always, Alexandra



9 thoughts on “going gluten free

    • Hi. Peanut butter too. We are having some fun trying out gluten-free breads. Eventually I hope to settle on a standard for our household. The best so far is a loaf from a local baker, only available Thursdays! Jane (aka Alexandra)

      • Nice to have a local baker. Our favorite commercially available gf breads are Compliments (at Sobeys) and Whole Foods. Udis bagels are good too.

  1. Oh dear,,,,I have been “organic” for years,,,,then I had to go “Gluten Free” for philip and our grandsons sake. (We are still not sure if that was the case or not,,gluten intolerant I mean) .Now we need to do a diet for Philip in case he has an ulcer. The hardest and most expensive was the Gluten Free one.! Wow.! We never found a bread recipe OR a boughten one that liked at all. Yuck.! If you have a good one from your bakery,,I am very happy for you. Philip eats a lot of bread,,and I mean a lot,,,he loves bread and sweets,,desserts etc. We will be thinking aboutcha both. Let us know how things are going. Please let me know if hubbie is feeling better. I was told that things got easier as we got older,,,,ya right,,,I do not find this easier at all.! Ha.!

    • Hi Patsi. We are new at this but I have learned some things. First – most of the foods we love are already gluten-free. Also, we spent a lot of time at first running around buying gluten-free products and feeling disappointed about breads. I am still experimenting, but we have had the best luck just making pancakes with gluten-free flour and egg. They are in assorted sizes, quick to make, taste OK and make a good sandwich or ‘hamburger bun’. I have hopes they will improve with experience. Easier? Well we do have experience with try, try again! Jane (aka Alexandra)

  2. Well Jane,,,it is time for me to ask….????? Where have you been.? I mean when it comes to your healthy eating plan,,,gluten free eating,,,I see you are getting back on your bike more often again etc…? This isn’t like you or maybe my computer is not feeling good again. The last thing I see that you posted on this fantastic site was on March 5th.? Do Tell please.!

    • Hi Patsi. It is true, I have not kept up with my postings on ‘Alexandra’. Two Blogs are one too many. I have been keeping up with my program of healthy eating though. And with my exercise program. I have not lost an ounce of weight, but I still want to lose! As for the gluten free life, we are doing very well. We basically don’t eat bread or pasta now. And my husband is symptom-free, so the diet seems to be working. Finding good gluten-free ‘bread’ was impossible, so we do without. Perhaps in fall, when life is less busy, I’ll start up ‘Alexandra’ once again! Jane

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